28 Day Nutrition Challenge 1

I shudder to even admit this, putting the words on a page is even more damning, but I had red velvet cake for breakfast. It is not nutritious or on any healthy diet plan that I know of. If only! I’m still looking for the cookie-cake-no workout diet. David Kirsch has a 28 day nutritional plan that will help jump start weight loss and instill healthy habits. A plan like this wont work if you starve yourself. It’s important to keep your metabolism up by eating healthy snacks and meals every few hours. Working out is going to drastically increase results too. I know! We are going to have to work but it will be worth it. Check out the “tone-every-zone’ grocery list and breakdown of what foods are healthy. Everything is here to help us succeed. What a healthy way to start off the year! With a total mind and body makeover. I’m up for the challenge are you? These other healthy tips are going to help… See the full video and list of approved foods from David Kirsch here… David Kirsch Wellness: Nutrition Plan

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