DIY maxi skirts you must try!
The long skirt is a women’s clothing worn fondly both summer and winter. Hele is much better if we want to make long skirts at home and we do not have to pay big bucks. As usual, measure the length of the skirt over the fabric. Then fold the fabric in half and sew the side of the reverse side open in the sewing machine. Fold the skirt 2 times and sew it in the sewing machine.  Assemble both sides of the belt to the machine. Stitch triple sewing. This time, take your waist with a thin rubber, and assemble this thin rubber to the waist area of ​​the fabric by sewing it in the sewing machine. Stitch your thick waist belt, which you have already prepared, on your skirt on the machine as it will be on the main face of your skirt.