Make your own diy bookshelf out of concrete blocks and wood. A great idea for outside storage too. HAD PLANS ON MAKING A HEADBOARD FOR MY QUEEN BED. THE SHELVES ARE NICE TO HOLD BOOKS, NICKKNACKS, LAMP ETC.. PAINT THE BOARDS AND BRICKS TO GO WITH BEDROOM THEME.

No nails, no drill, no glue! All you need to make these furnitures is the blocks and wood … Like the houses we made from playing cards in our childhood. Put the blocks and the woods on top of each other. That’s it!

Of course, it is very important how you want to make an article in this spot. What you design in your head should be able to turn into a furniture you can do with the help of blocks and wood. Here’s how the question goes in. It’s enough to use your imagination. You will soon be able to do it with the block – wood business association. There is an excellent list for those who want to get a few ideas on the furnishings you can make with bricks and wood.