DIY Nail Polish Jewelry - I keep seeing really detailed nail art. But its too temp for me to spend the time and money to do. However, this little craft would be perfect to try some of those designs.There is a very important invitation, the hair is okay, the make-up is okay, the clothes and shoes are OK but what do you think? Yes, you know, beloved ladies, in the last minute, you have come to your senses and you can not find a nail polish that matches your clothes among so many of them. The worst thing is the evening, and you can not find an open cosmeter near the house. So what are you going to do, you have prepared so much, but will you participate in this important event if it is not at all appropriate? 8 milliliters of colorless nail polish under the hand of every woman you need to prepare your own oogenesis and a powder light of up to 2.5 grams. Your nail polish is ready.