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10 Amazing Before and After Exterior Home Transformations 1

I just received the following request via our contact form for more before and afters of exterior home remodels. Here’s the exact request… “I would like to see more of this with different houses – we got a ranch style home that is one level…. i would love to find more exterior remodels like that… i’ve been searching the net and cant find any good ones but that one. (can anybody help?)” ~ Anka Thanks for the request Anka! I hope you enjoy this link to 10 different before and after home remodels. As always, if any of you have specific things you’d like to see more of, just let me know here. The above photo is from a great post over at Angie’s List showing off the visual impact of hiring a good remodeler to work on your home. I hope it gives you all some great ideas. Here’s the link to all 10 “before and afters”… Angie’s List: 10 Before and Afters – Exterior {Image Credit}

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