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10 Really Clever Storage Ideas 1

We can all use more storage, am I right?! Or maybe if you are looking at this it means it’s time to have a garage sale or two. But if you are truly in need of some clever storage ideas… These are some great ideas. My favorite is the one pictured above with the bins on a track in the ceiling of the garage. If there’s anywhere my family needs more storage, it’s in the garage! Check out all the great ideas and Remodel-A-Holic’s full article here: Remodel-A-Holic: 10 Clever Storage Ideas We’d all love to be more organized in the home, but finding storage ideas can be challenging. With so many items, creating storage space can be one of the best things you’ve ever done in your home! It’ll save you time and effort in the long run. Here are some ideas that might help you get a handle on the clutter. Install A Tension Rod And Baskets Under Your Sink The space underneath the sink is usually a great opportunity to sort out what has become an unholy, cluttered mess. Cleaning bottles, old sponges, brushes, even iron wool and dish washer detergent may be stuffed together, and it’s getting a little crowded. Not to mention making finding a specific item a pain. Installing a tension rod creates an opportunity to hang your spray bottles, while placing trays and baskets in various rectangle and square shapes can really make organizing and collecting the various other items much easier. Make The Side Of Your Fridge An Organization Center You can easily turned unused space on the side of the wall or cabinet next to your fridge(or any space!) into an organization center. It’s really simple and can make organizing your life just that much more simple. Install a clock at the top. Below that, add a bulletin board and complete with bins that are installed into the wall. It makes an easy place to keep track of everything that’s going on, store mail, bills, homework, and more, and keep from having too much paper clutter around the home. It’s a storage space for all the things you would normally throw on a desk. For a bonus, pin a calendar to the bulletin board, or get a combination bulletin and white board with a calendar to really have a super-powered organization center. Store Your Foods In Clear Containers Those clear plastic containers aren’t just for cereal anymore. You can take advantage of the clear bins you have and fill them with flour, sugar, pasta and more. Not only does this save the boxes from taking up a ton of room, but you can also see where the items you want are more clearly, pour them more easily, and keep them fresher for longer with sealed containers. No more ripped or clumsy sacks of flour to lug around in the pantry! Add Shelving Above Windows In Your Kitchen Installing a nice shelf above a window in your kitchen can be a statement piece as well as an effective storage idea. You can place all your large bowls and kitchen ware easily on top of this shelf. Throw in some ornamental pieces, hang a few bunches of herbs to dry from the shelf… there are so many options with a window shelf! Best of all, it saves you from cluttering up valuable counter tops and creates a decorative and eye-catching element to the room. Creating order out of chaos doesn’t have to be hard! All it takes is a little prep work and some great ideas. Try out these excellent ways to create storage space in your home while making it more organized. It’ll make finding things easier and add a little storage zen to your life. Namaste! Additional Resources: Looking for more organization ideas? Don’t miss this article by REAL SIMPLE and also this one by HGTV.

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