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119 Very Cool DIY Lamp Ideas 1

One of my most recent projects at our home is to start replacing the stock builder light fixtures with some very cool DIY lamps. This is going to be so fun! I found this board on pinterest with 119 great lighting/lamp ideas that I just had to share with all of you! I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. Here’s the link to the board: 119 Lamp Ideas: Pinterest There are plenty of different styles and types of lampshade that you can buy. But why would anyone bother buying a lampshade when you can get some pretty amazing results yourself. This guide will look at some very cool looking DIY lamp ideas which are cheap or free to make. Some nice ideas for lamp shades: – Tetra Carton Lampshade – Plastic Spoon Lampshade – Gummy Bear Lamp Tetra Carton Lampshade The tetra carton lampshade is one of my personal favorite designs because it looks so unique. It’s made from the tetra cartons which juice normally comes in. The box is cut open and strips are cut from the material. Then the strips are folded into triangles with the silver foil side pointing outwards. The triangles are painstakingly attached to one other to form a sphere which can then be used as a light shade. This creates some pretty funky patterns on the walls too which just make this lampshade look even better. Plastic Spoon Lamp Shade The plastic spoon lampshade is also very easy to make. To make this, you will need: – Large water bottle (empty) – Pack of plastic spoons – it’s better to have too many than too few – Hot Glue gun with plenty of glue sticks – Scissors Start by preparing your plastic water bottle. Cut the bottom off the bottle, try to be as neat as possible, but it doesn’t matter too much because the spoons will hide the raw edge. Then cut all of the handles off the spoons so that you are just left with hundreds of spoon heads. Then you can start gluing the spoons to the plastic bottle using a hot glue gun. Once you have done a complete ring, then you can repeat overlapping until the whole bottle is covered with spoons. Gummy Bear Lampshade Nothing is quite as iconic as a simple gummy bear, so why not make a lampshade from them. Instead of using regualr edible gummy bears, try to find some acrylic models of them. They look the same and are the same size. Once you have these, use a sharp needle to thread them onto strings. Hook the strings around the lampshade ring and repeat until you have a unique looking lamp. Additional Resources: Looking for more DIY lighting ideas? Don’t miss this photo gallery by diy network and also this roundup from boredpanda.

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