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15 Life Hacks For A Tiny Bathroom 1

Found this really great round up of “lifehacks” for those of us with tiny bathrooms. I think most of us fall into this category! There never seems to be enough space in the bathroom. I totally love idea #7. I never would have thought to put a shelf there but it’s such a good idea. Here’s the link to Buzz Feed’s full article: Buzz Feed: Tiny Bathroom Lifehacks Many homes have fairly small bathrooms, which can present a problem. If you have a family then you might all struggle to find enough space to store everything and use the bathroom. This guide will look at a few simple tips which can be used to make a tiny bathroom much more practical. Having a small bathroom really doesn’t have to be a negative thing, with a bit of know how you can turn it into an amazing room in your house. Some simple suggestions to make the most out of your small bathroom include: – Installing extra storage – Using mirrors for light – Roll towels instead of folding them – Use drawers to organise space better 1. Adding Shelving Above the Door The space above the door in any room is wasted, if the height of your ceilings permit then you could consider fitting a shelf above the door. Installing a shelf above a door is a simple way to get extra storage space which doesn’t use up precious space in the small bathroom. Various things can be stored in boxes and put up on the shelf. By using boxes you are keeping everything neat and tidy while still making the most out of the space. 2. Roll towels Most people will fold their towels up instead of rolling them. However, by rolling them they are easier to store and also take up a lot less space. Rolled towels can be stored in a basket which can be put onto a shelf or in a cupboard. They can also be left out on counter tops if you have enough space. Another nice thing about rolled up towels is that it will feel more like a spa. 3. Fit Mirrors Fit the largest mirror you have space for in your bathroom and you will find that it will immediately brighten your room and make it appear bigger. Mirrors are also practical since they make it possible for you to look at yourself while you’re getting ready. 4. Using Pull Out Drawers Quite often bathroom cabinets will become quite messy and it can be difficult to find anything. You can organise the space you have available much better if you use pull out drawers. These can be fitted relatively easily into virtually any bathroom cabinet. This will maximise the amount of space you have to store everything while also making it much easier to keep everything well organised. 5. Use Magnets for Hair Clips Bobby pins and other hair clips are very easy to lose. A great solution to this problem is to stick magnetic tape up to the inside of a cabinet, or anywhere else easily accessible in your bathroom. This means as soon as you take the bobby pins out of your hair you can put them straight onto the magnet to keep them safe. 6. Use an Extra Shower Rod Fitting an extra shower rod in your home isn’t difficult and will instantly add a lot of extra storage space in your bathroom. It’s possible to hang baskets from this shower rod so use it to store body wash, shampoo and anything else you use in the shower. This storage system often works better than the vertical shelving which can be installed in the corner of the shower. A tiny bathroom might be a bit of a pain at times, but if you learn to improve it then it should be much easier to cope with. By implementing some of the tips above you should be able to make your bathroom much more practical. This just goes to show that small can be beautiful. Additional Resources: Looking for more bathroom storage ideas? Don’t miss this article by HGTV and also this article by

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