150 Dollar Store Organization and DIY Ideas 1

Organization can be easy, fun, and affordable. It will take creativity and repurposing but it is more than possible. What better place to pick up supplies for this ‘project’ than the Dollar Store? What a lucky break to have found this roundup from DIY & Crafts! There are over a 100 Dollar Store projects that you will love! Here’s the link to DIY & Crafts’ full article: DIY & Crafts: 150 Dollar Store Organization Ideas And Projects For The Entire Home If you’re anything like me then you will really enjoy visiting the dollar store every week. While not everything is such a great buy, there are some great deals to be had. Dollar stores stock a range of different organization products which can help you to organize your home and keep everything in the right place. Read on to learn just what great dollar store organization ideas you can find. Craft Organizer Boxes – Great for small items – Can be used with hair clips – Perfect for screws, nuts and bolts – Ideal for pins Craft organizer boxes are ideal to store any small items such as hair clips, screws and pins. These organizers have lots of individual sections and are available in different sizes. This should make it possible to find the perfect type for whatever it is you are storing. Magnetic Strips Some dollar stores have self adhesive magnetic strips, these can be stuck onto the sides of doors or along the edges of tables. These are great for securing all kinds of different items, including: – Pins – Bobby pins – Tweezers – Nail Clippers – Nail Files Anything made from metal can be attached within seconds to the magnetic strips. Then the items can be removed without leaving any sticky residue on the items. Magnetic tape is better than using Velcro, since you don’t need to attach anything to the actual item you are storing. Small Boxes Small boxes are also easy to find at a dollar store. These can be found in many different shapes and sizes depending on the types of items you plan to put inside. Boxes like these are ideal for storing a wide range of different things, including: – Buttons – Charms – Screws – Pins – Needles Ice Cube Trays An ice cube tray is perfect for storing and organizing all of the little office supplies you would otherwise have lying on a desk. Paperclips can be put in one section, with the others being filled with other office supplies including erasers and staples. This can the be put inside a drawer or left on the table top. Shoe Hangers Shoe organizers have many different pockets which can be hung on a wall or a door, although they are designed for shoes, these useful organizers can be used for many other items. These include: – Shampoo bottles – Games controllers – Video Games – DVDs – Stuffed Animals – Coloring books Shoe organizers are perfect for organizing anything that will fit in the pockets. As everything is kept off the work surface this should make your home much better organized and cleaner. Screwing baskets on the Wall A very cheap way of fitting a shelf which looks great is to screw some baskets onto the wall. These baskets are easy to find in dollar stores and can be mounted anywhere on a wall. They are perfect for storing rolled up towels and other bath products. Jars Jars can be fixed to the bottom of kitchen cabinets, or to the underside of desks and counter tops. There are two different ways of doing this, you can either screw the top to the bottom of the cabinet, or use some magnetic self adhesive tape stuck to the bottom of the cabinet. Then small items can be stored inside the jars and they can be kept off the work surfaces. Additional Resources: Looking for more Dollar Store ideas? Don’t miss this article by Dollar Store Crafts and also board at Pinterest-Stephanie Kitsos.

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