22 Easy And Fun DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas 1

These easy DIYs are going to transform your yard and patio. They are fun, original, many are made from repurposed material, brightly colored, and did I mention easy? I am happy to have run across this roundup from Architecture Art Designs and feature it here today. The wheelbarrow bench is a fabulous idea! OMG, so many DIYs and so little time; I better get to building! See all 22 here… ArchitectureArtDesigns – 22 Easy And Fun DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas Image Credit: architectureartdesigns.com Garden furniture can be quite expensive. These popular DIY outdoor furniture ideas can allow you to have amazing looking garden furniture for a fraction of the cost. Most of the outdoor furniture you can make is very simple, and anyone should be able to follow the directions. Making Chairs out of PVC Pipe These chairs are perfect for toddlers and they look really nice. You will need: – PVC Pipe – Strong Fabric – 8 x PVC Pipe elbows – 6 x PVC T Shaped Junctions Start by cutting out a piece of the fabric which measures 17.5″ by 29.5″. It’s possible to adjust this and change the size of the chair, just make sure that there is enough slack material when it’s assembled. Fold half an inch over either side of the long length of the fabric. Then stitch along the seam. Fold seams along the short edges, allowing enough space for the PVC to fit through. Cut the PVC pipe into: – 7 pieces which are 10 inches long – 2 pieces which are 6 inches long – 4 pieces which are 5 inches long – 4 pieces which are 4 inches long The pipe can be painted using a spray paint, or you can remove the writing using nail polish remover. Assemble the chair and slip the fabric onto the pipes. Then it’s ready for use. Wheelbarrow Bench This is a fantastic quirky design that will be a great addition to any garden. It also makes it easy to move the bench around the garden when needed. You will need: – Wooden Garden Bench – Wood Stain – Wheelbarrow Wheel – Drill – Clamps – Bolts – Three lengths of 2×2 timber – Paint Start by marking the position of the wheelbarrow wheel on the end of the lengths of timber. Fix the brackets in position ready for the wheel. Position the handles, and use clamps to hold still. A crosspiece should be bolted over the top of the handles and to the uprights of the bench. Once this is completed the handles can be bolted to the bench uprights using the coach bolts. All that’s left to do is to paint or stain the wooden bench.

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