25 DIY Ways To Customize Your iPhone Case 1

The amazing iPhone…who has one? Me! I had to wait forever for my old cell phone contract to expire to get one but now my 5c has stolen my heart. Although the 6 with all of it’s bells and whistles is pretty dreamy. I’m not going to lie, I’ve considered a trade in. One of the drawbacks of the 5c is that there aren’t any fun cases, it’s weird shaped and none of the other cases fit it but now I can have some fun making my own. This roundup from Homesthetics is pretty great. It has 25 DIY ways to customize your phone’s case. FYI-you are decorating a clear/transparent case so don’t worry about damaging your most prized electronic. Fancy! Whether it’s with glitter, a wedding pic, hombre pink, or a map of the world your phone will be awesome. I love the dried flowers! It’s spring all year long. The paris case is a little much for me but it’s really creative. Check out these other creative cases for sale at Zazzle… See the full article from Homesthetics here.. Homesthetics: 25 Magnificent And Spectacular DIY iPhone Case Customization Ideas

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