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30 Amazing Bunk Bed Ideas 1

I am still on the look out for more bunk bed ideas so i can get the boys into one bedroom and make a home office space for myself in the other bedroom. I found this great compilation of bunk beds over at the fresh home blog that you should check out if you are also looking for ideas. My favorite one from this list is number 23. It’s the blue walls, dark bed with actual steps and railing to get to the top bunk. Safety first. Find all 30 ideas and the full article here: Freshome: Space Saving Bunk Bed Ideas A bunk bed might be the perfect way to get more useful space out of your child’s bedroom. However, before you buy a bunk bed there are some important things that you will need to consider. This guide will address each of these issues so that you can make the right decision and choose the best bed. Things to Consider – Space Available – Type of Bunk Bed – Decide on the Features – Safety Space available Bunk beds are perfect for small rooms which don’t have much space. Although they are also suitable for use in larger rooms. The actual bed won’t take up that much more space than a typical bed, but make sure you allow enough space to open drawers. Also check that the room will accommodate the height of the bunk bed. Type of Bunk Bed There are quite a few different bunk beds available. You can choose beds which have two beds, one above the other. Or you can choose a bunk bed which has storage or desk space underneath. By choosing the right type of bunk bed you can make the most of your room. Decide on the Features Bunk beds can have a number of different features. These can include extra storage space, work space and play areas. Children who like sleepovers will like the additional bed, you could choose a bunk bed which has a pull out bed or futon for an occasional bed. Although you will be buying the bed, consider talking to your child about it to make sure that you’re getting the perfect bed for their room. Safety Safety is a very important consideration when buying a bunk bed. Make sure that the bed has all of the required safety features to prevent your child from falling out of bed. These include foot boards, headboards and guardrails. Also make sure your child knows to be careful when climbing and using the bunk bed. Additional Resources: Looking for more fun beds? Don’t miss these ideas by TRENDHUNTER and also this one from babble.

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