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40 Whimsical DIY Home Decor Ideas 1

  There’s something for everyone in this huge list of 40 DIY home decor ideas. Bring some whimsy into your home. It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to decorate your home with these fun projects. How beautiful is this bedroom pictured above. Love it! Choose your favorites, have some fun and love being in your home even more! Find BuzzFeed’s full list here: BuzzFeed: 40 Whimsical DIY Home Decor Ideas Homes should be inviting as soon as you set food inside. These whimsical decorating ideas can make people feel more comfortable to set foot inside your home. Tips for Whimsical Decorating – Use Blankets – Let your Personality Shine Through – Use Books – Make use of Warm Colors – Add Pillows Use Blankets Blankets can be stacked up in any rooms in your house. These make your rooms look much more cosy and warmer even when they are not being used. They are perfect for older homes which are quite drafty. They can also be used at night when it goes colder and you want to cuddle up and watch television. Let your Personality Shine Through You should let your personality shine through. Don’t be afraid of letting your personality be seen in your decor. You could use humor in your decorating style to make the rooms more interesting and inviting. A paper bouquet of flower, or bowls which are filled with pieces from vintage games. Use Books Many people will think that stacks of books around the home will add clutter rather than making it look better. However, they can make your home a much warmer and more interesting place to visit. Pile books up on tables, and make sure that your book cases are full of good reads. These also provide great conversation starters, especially if you actually read the books you have on display. Make use of Warm Colors If you want to make a room look much cozier and warmer quickly then decorate it using warm colors. Cranberry, or paler red colors work well to add warmth and interest in a room. You can either paint a feature wall, or add a few items of the particular shade and color. Add pillows Leather sofas look amazing in most rooms, but they can be quite cold to sit on. Make them warmer and more comfortable by adding lots of comfy cushions. These will invite people to lounge and spend time in your company. Additional Resources: Looking for more home decor ideas? Don’t miss this article by Brit + Co and also this one from apartment therapy.

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