5 Garden Art Pieces From Recycled Materials 1

I love finding new ways to repurpose. Gardening art is a really fun way to do it too. The painted tire cups and saucers are straight out of Alice And Wonderland. The shovel birds are too! Amazing Interior Designs is awesome! Thanks guys. Recycling old car tires has become a trend nowadays, as more and more homeowners are coming to realize the huge benefits of using their old car tires for various activities. One of the best ways to use recycled tires is to decorate your garden. You can transform those old, useless tires into useful art objects that can change the appearance of your garden and make it look totally unique. Here’s the link to AmazingDesigns’ full article… AmazingDesigns: 5 Garden Art Ideas From Recycled Materials Why Use Recycled Tires? Here are some reasons to make the most out of recycled tires when decorating your backyard or garden. – Environmentally friendly. – Save landfill space. – Go green. – Economically savvy. – Make a statement in your neighborhood. Creative Ways to Reuse old Tires There are practically unlimited ways to reuse recycled car tires to transform your backyard or garden. You are limited only by your imagination and creativity. You can use parts of a tire to create small garden decorations, from frogs, colorful birds and butterflies to flowers and horses. You can take half of a tire and create an astounding flower bed boarder change the design of your garden. If you have small children, you can use these tires to create attractive sand pits or outdoor furniture items. Hanging tires are also extremely useful for decorating gates, exterior walls, fences and porch posts. To save even more money on outdoor décor, you can design hanging plant containers or small shelter for frogs. You can extend the unique technique of expanding and cutting tires by fashioning a beautiful bird out of tires. If you are up to the challenge, you can start designing an entire tree. However, you need a lot of green paint and several pairs of gloves. Let your imagination go wild and create anything you wish, from animals and plants to 3D objects or even space ships. Of course, in order to create the latter you might need some experience at NASA. Remember to paint the tires in different colors in order to create true artwork. Just imagine those graceful swans or cute bears with sweet faces. You can practically set your garden apart by making it unique in the neighborhood. If you want to leverage the benefits of mini-gardens made of old tires, you need to know that these gardens require less water, because the rubber in the tires absorbs the heat from the sun. This additional heat greatly increases the growth of the plants and makes your harvest be fruitful. Potatoes, herbs and peppers all fall into this category of veggies that grow faster due to old tires. The Bottom Line There are thousands of great recycled tire garden art ideas you can use to design your own garden crafts. It is time to get ready for one of the most important project of the year. Your children will be pretty excited to find out what you are planning, so try to make them a surprise. However, tell them to get involved in your DIY project. Not only you will save precious time creating these amazing garden crafts, but you will get to have a stronger relationship with your beloved children. Additional Resources: Looking for more home remedy ideas? Don’t miss this article by Our Fairfield Home & Garden and this article from Birds & Blooms.

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