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7 Amazing DIY Home Remedies For Your Pitbull 1

Here’s a really great resource to help you keep your pitbull happy and healthy without having to run to the vet. And we all know that each time we don’t have to go to the vet is equal to saving hundreds of dollars! There’s tips on everything from soothing anxiety, treating bee stings, helping wounds heal and dealing with constipation…. “I am usually really skeptical about at home treatment for your pets as I have worked in the vet field for 4 years now and have watched many people try to doctor their pets and cause more harm. However, these remedies are actually very helpful! The only one I would use caution on is the pepto bismol because of the aspirin like medication! If your dog has other issues the aspirin can cause more damage! Would recommend Pepcid and a bland diet instead!!” Check out all the great tips here… Amazing DIY Home Remedies For Pets

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