7 Amazing Uses for WD-40 You Probably Never Thought Of 1

WD-40 is a pretty amazing product with loads of different uses. No home should be without a can of this magical liquid as it can be used to lubricate metal parts, clean various things, and even help zips to open. This guide will look at some of our favorite and less known uses of WD-40. 1. Opening Zippers It can be very annoying if zippers get stuck or become difficult to open. WD-40 is a great way to lubricate stiff zips and get them moving smoothly. Simply spray a small amount of WD-40 onto a cloth or tissue and then wipe it over the entire length of the zip. Slowly work the zip forward and backwards until the whole thing is coated in the liquid. This should make it much easier to open and close the zip in future. 2. Removing Glue WD-40 isn’t just great at dispelling water, but it’s also a good way to remove glue and adhesive from various surfaces. It is particularly useful if you get it onto your skin as it is a gentle way to remove most types of glue. Just remember to wash your hands properly before eating anything. WD-40 can even be used to remove glue after it’s dried as it will help to break down most glues. 3. Getting Rid of Grease If you have been working on a car or any other type of machinery then you might have very greasy and oily hands. Washing this off with soap and water is near impossible. Simply use a small amount of WD-40 and rub your hands together, then rinse off with water and wash with soapy water. 4. Getting Rid of Stickers Paper stickers are notoriously difficult to remove without damaging whatever it is you’re removing them from. WD-40 is perfect because it will break down the glue and start to dissolve the paper. Spray over the label, leave for a few minutes and then gently rub the sticker away. 5. Protection WD-40 is great for protecting all sorts of things. It can be sprayed and rubbed into wooden handles of garden tools to make them last longer. It can also be used to coat the surface of golf clubs for exactly the same reason. 6. Stuck Rings If you have a stuck ring on your finger then you might try butter, oil and even soap. However, WD-40 is probably the best thing to use. This is slippery without smelling or feeling awful. It should be slippery enough to loosen even the tightest of rings which should allow you to take the ring off without needing to get it cut. 7. Repelling Wasps Wasps aren’t keen of the smell of WD-40 and so it makes a fantastic repellent and also prevents wasps from building nests in your home. Spray some WD-40 in the potential areas where wasps may nest and they shouldn’t bother you for the whole summer. You will probably have to repeat this every season to make sure wasps never nest near to your house. With so many uses, WD-40 certainly deserves pride of place in your tool box. It is great a lubricating, repelling water, removing glue and even scaring away wasps. Is there anything that WD-40 can’t do? “…I always, always have a can of this stuff handy in the garage and out back in the shed for when I am working on random projects around the house. Can’t believe how many times it’s come in handy. I soon realized I had only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the different ways I can use this wonder solution!” Additional Resources: Looking for more ways to use this amazing product? Don’t miss the roundup by Diply.com and also this post by LifeHacker.

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