7 Amazing Waffle Iron Recipes 1

I am a pancake girl at heart. I don’t have a problem with waffles but pancakes are just easier. You can make more than one at a time and that speeds up the wait for breakfast. However, I think I will be dusting my iron off and putting it to good use after seeing these other fun and delicious things you can make in one. Anything you want to make in a cute waffle shape you can. If you are are running short on ideas, you can borrow some of mine. Well, some of the ones I’ve borrowed from someone else. Check out all of these delicious ‘hacks.’ Have some waffle shaped brownies, cinnamon rolls, hash browns (from tater tots!), quesadillas, and omelettes. One thing not mentioned is toasting sandwiches. I’ve done that quite a few times! Yum. I’ve also heard that oatmeal waffles are good. No matter what delicious treat you decide on…use a lot of no-stick spray or oil (coconut is my fav). Cleaning a waffle iron disaster is a HUGE disaster. Endless Simmer has a terrific recipe for waffle iron cookies. Find it here… See all the delicious hacks here…Enjoy!

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