Adorable “Egg Plant” Chicken Coop 1

Question: Why did the chicken fly (flew?) the coop? Answer: To come stay at this lovely chicken home created by Nacychick. I love it! This should definitely be on the list of places you are drawing inspiration from when it comes to building your own. It is the perfect compromise of function and fancy. The special touches are my favorite. Yes, your birds will be happy in any home that meets all of the basic needs Maslow lined out for us but why not personalize it and make it extra cute? I love the run and high ceilings. The ceiling is even painted to look like the sky. I am pretty keen on the outside color too. One thing to remember when building…these are your chickens and this is YOUR coop. Be sure to make it look the way you’ve always wanted and dreamed about. Right and wrong? Foggettabotit! Mafia speak for ‘Forget about it.’ Hehe. (I just watched The Godfather and have been talking a bit like the family. Add cute details and make your coop match your personality! Are chickens becoming the new dog? Think about it… If you answered yes, you might want to start shopping around. eFowl is a good place to start. See the full set of project photos here… Backyard Chickens: NavyChick’s Coop

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