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Oh how I wish this was my attic! This guy, featured over at Diply, transformed a scary spider filled space into an awesome ‘man cave.’ Adding walls, wood paneling, windows, stairs, carpet and paint can go a long ways! Total transformation. Man cave? Yeah, righ! This is cooler than my bedroom. Go here to see the full story and all the amazing step by step transformation photos… Diply: What This Man Did To His Attic Is Unbelievable. I Can’t Believe It Actually Worked. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the “after” photos:

Amazing DIY Attic Transformation 2

Important Items To Keep In Mind When Doing An Attic Remodel Adding an extra room to your house by extending can be expensive, however if you have an attic this may be a more affordable solution. The attic is normally a waste of space in most homes. It is filled with all sorts of junk and plenty of cobwebs, however, it can be turned into virtually anything you like. Whether you want to create a functional storage area, a home office, or a den, the attic is the way to go. If you plan on turning your attic into a functional room then there are some important things to consider. This guide will look at these so you can build yourself the perfect attic room. An attic remodel will also add value to your home since you are creating an extra bedroom in your home. Things to Consider: – Where are you going to store your stuff – you will need to de-clutter! – How will you Access the Attic room – Making the Most of the Space – Adding Light – Decoration De-cluttering As most attics will be crammed to bursting point with all sorts of junk you will need to de-clutter. Get yourself a skip and start throwing or giving stuff away. You can’t be emotional, the clutter has to go. When was the last time that you actually used your old stereo? Do you really need to keep it? Access Most people access the attic using a ladder. This is normally fine as you don’t need to go up there that often. In actual fact, most people only venture up there once a year to get the Christmas decorations down. If you plan on turning the attic into a practical and useful room then you will need to make the access much better and more convenient. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can choose different types of stairs. Space saving designs are perfect if you are short of space. If you have slightly more space then you could consider installing a full size staircase or a spiral staircase. Either of these options will make accessing the room much easier after the attic remodel. Whatever type of staircase you choose, make sure that it is safe. Use handrails and guards around the top of the stairs to prevent anyone falling down. Make Most of the Space Your attic will probably have a sloping roof and this can make it difficult to create much functional space out of it. Depending on the slope of your roof you might have awkward angles to work with. This can be solved in two ways. You can either square off the room if there is enough space, or alternatively you can adjust the angle of the beams so that you have a more functional space to work with. If may seem like a waste to leave this space, but it will make a better and more practical room by doing so. You could also leave a hatch through so you have some storage space to tuck a small amount of your junk out of sight. Adding Light Attics aren’t the brightest rooms in your house thanks to the lack of windows. While artificial light is practical, it’s nice to have access to some daylight. Roof windows can be installed in the tiles of your roof to allow light to stream into your attic room. These can also be opened for ventilation. Bear in mind that special blinds will need to be installed if you are using the attic room as a bedroom. Decoration Once you have solved all the practical things, then you can get down to decorating your new space. The type of decoration you choose will depend on the type of room you are creating. Whether you use drywall or wood paneling to create the room is completely up to you. Then you can choose your color scheme and add the flooring. If you don’t feel up to completing the project yourself then you could also hire an attic remodel company to help plan, and convert your attic for you. Once you’ve finished you can start using the room for whatever purpose you want. Enjoy your new space! Additional Resources: Looking for more amazing attic remodels? Don’t miss this post by DIY Network and also this post at Remodelaholic.

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