Amazing Eco-Friendly Tiny Home Helps Woman Start A New Life 1

As far as tiny homes go, this one takes the cake! You have to check out this architectural masterpiece designed by Macy Miller. Each and every detail that went into this 196 square-foot home was a labor of love. It is eco-friendly, energy efficient, mobile, and beautiful. It took $11,000, many years of building, and one surgery to fix a broken back to finish her dream home. The gorgeous end result shows that anything is possible! Here’s the full story and photos… ViralNova: This Is What Happens When A Woman Gets Sick Of Divorce And Mortgages. And It’s Brilliant Building an Eco Friendly Tiny Home When looking at homes it’s important to understand that size isn’t everything. If a small house is designed cleverly then it can be just as practical as a massive house. A smaller house is also much more environmentally friendly, cheaper and easier to build. Read this guide to find out how you can build your very own Eco friendly tiny home. Living without Burden Whether you have recently gone through a divorce or want to live without any financial burden, a small Eco home is the way to go. It’s possible to make your own environmentally friendly home for tens of thousands of dollars, rather than hundreds of thousands for a typical bricks and mortar home. Portable As well as being easy to build and environmentally friendly, it’s possible to make pretty portable homes. These are nothing like caravans as they are proper homes which are built on the back of trailers. They can be towed into position which makes relocating anywhere in the world very easy. Custom Furniture The problem with buying flat pack furniture is that it’s all designed for spacious homes. This may look good in the shop, but it will probably end up wasting at least some space in your house. A tiny Eco friendly home will benefit from custom made furniture. This can be customised to fit the gaps that you have available. Dual purpose furniture can also be created, the sofa could for example double up as storage or a bed. A bed could be raised off the ground higher than normal and a desk or storage unit fitted below. This is a great way to use up space which would otherwise be lost and left unused. Environmentally Friendly There are many reasons why small houses are environmentally friendly. Firstly they are smaller and so use much less energy to heat up. This also means during the winter they will heat up much quicker and stay warm for longer. All new build Eco homes should be well insulated to prevent heat escaping and this will reduce costs further. Small homes can also be built out of renewable and environmentally friendly resources such as timber and reclaimed materials. A self composting toilet is an expensive investment but does make it relatively easy to live off the grid without needing to always park up in caravan parks. This provides flexibility to live wherever you want to. Many small homes are being equipped with solar panels. These panels will generate electricity during daylight hours and store the energy in batteries which can be used to run all of your lighting and gadgets at night. Design To make a small house feel like a home the design and layout is very important. Give careful consideration to the design so you can use every inch of the space without making your home look too small. When done right a small home can be both tiny and spacious, it should still be an inviting place to visit and should be nothing like a cave. By building a tiny environmentally friendly home you can enjoy living without the stress of having to pay the mortgage or rent. Enjoy your life and have fun everyday without the stress which can make your life miserable. Whether you have lost your home before, looking for your first place, or want to downsize a small Eco friendly home is perfect. Additional Resources: Looking for more tiny home inspiration? Don’t miss this post here Living In A Tiny House and also this post by Huffington Post.

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