Awesome Space-Saving Furniture From Italy 1

I wouldn’t call most furniture ‘space saving.’ There are a lot of really great pieces out there but they aren’t always convenient for small spaces. Whether you have small rooms inside of a big house or you have a tiny house in general, it’s important to utilize every bit of space. Ron Barth has solved the furniture problem and has done a fabulous job of it. The furniture designed at Resource Furniture is multi-functional, practical, and comfortable. Even though they’re modern, they will still add to the overall appeal or you home and you will be amazed when you see them! I think furniture like this is the way of the future. I bet this is how the space stations will be furnished when we live on mars, lol. All of these couches, tables, beds, desks, etc. don’t take up much space and are simple to convert from one thing to another. One of the bunk beds they sell can be installed in only 12.5 inches of depth. It would be a great addition to any kids room. I am in love with the murphy bed couch too. I think it’s wonderful how you don’t have to move everything in order for it to let down. They are a little to pricey for me but if I do get one it’s nice to know there is a lifetime warranty! If you’re feeling brave the DIY Network has a space saving bed you can make yourself. find it here. Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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