Bacon Beef and Cheese Sushi? Yes! 1

Ohhh wow! Yum! I love barb-b-que. I love bacon. I love sushi. That’s why this tasty treat is right up my alley! Would you ever try it? You’re crazy if you said no! Come on… It’s bacon! I hear ya if you’re worried about health and coronary disease. As long as this isn’t on the menu every night we are fine! Moderation. Besides, life without bacon would be meaningless. Anything wrapped in bacon tastes better; that includes beef. I had sushi last night with my best gals. Always the rainbow roll for me. Somehow I don’t see them putting this bacon treat on the menu ever. What would it be called if they did? Porkinator? Heartbreaker? (As in literally if you eat too many your heart might need some help or if you don’t eat any you will die of sadness.) Want to make more sushi? I don’t blame you if you do. It’s delish! Check out Make My Sushi for the 411 on how to master the art. Here’s the video that will forever change the way you see bacon… Enjoy!

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