Big Pile Of Junk Gets Re-Purposed Into Something Practical 1

Making a building out of pallets is no easy feat. It’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of pallets! Using reclaimed material is the best way to save money on a building project and pallets are one of the best reclaimed materials out there! They are affordable, most often free, and the wood is quality and durable. Win win. You would never guess that this shed was once thrown away wood that no one wanted. I mean, look at it?! It’s beautiful! It has a tin roof, sliding door, and a firewood rack. That’s just the outside! You could do so many amazing things with the inside. It’s the perfect place to hide all sorts of stuff! Christmas decorations, garden tools, anything at all! If you have pallets left over or are wanting to make another shed then look at this one from Scrapality. You can never have too many pallet projects! Find the shed here. See all the photos and the amazing “after” here… Imgur: Pallet Shed

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