Bobble Crochet Beard Beanies (Free Patterns) 1

Topsy Turvy has a terrific tutorial (and free patterns) for making fun bearded beanies. They just make me smile. I want my whole family to have matching ones! I hate being cold and these are such a fun way to keep warm. I really love the Santa beard hat! Learn how to make them here… TopsyTurvy – Bobble Crochet Beard Beanies Image Credit: Young children need a hat to keep them warm during the winter. One of the most unique and interesting hats that you will ever see is the crochet beard beanies. These are very cute when worn by kids, although may make an adult look a bit like a terrorist. Still, they are very easy to make even if you are a crocheting novice. You Will Need: – Two Colors of yarn – One for the hat and one for the beard – Crochet hook Set – Sewing needle – Pattern from Internet Step 1 – Choosing the Size The beard beanie pattern is available in a number of different sizes which are suitable for different ages of children. You will need to choose the right size for your child so that it fits snugly and keeps the warm throughout the cold months. Step 2 – Starting on the Beanie The first step you should do is start making the beanie. This is quite a simple hat and if you have already crocheted a hat before then you will find this very easy. If not, just follow the instructions and you shouldn’t have a problem. Follow all the directions and you will be left with a perfect little beanie hat. Step 3 – Making the Beard The next thing you should do is start making the beard. The beard is crocheted in a very simple way and it shouldn’t take long. There is a space in the beard for the child’s lips to poke through to make talking much easier. Step 4 – Attaching the Beard When the beard is finished you should then attach it to the hat by sewing it in place. This can be done by easily using a sewing needle with the same color yarn as the hat. This should mean that the stitches fixing the beard in place will not be seen. After this step you’re ready to start wearing this quirky hat.

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