Bring Your Old Furniture Back To Life With These Ikea Hacks 1

Ikea is one of my favorite places. The furniture, although not one of a kind, is adorable and affordable! My husband and I bought a lot of it when we first got married and it’s still around. I actually just bought a chandelier from there last month. Gorg! Slowly, I’ve started to replace some of the pieces with more durable and more unique furniture. (A lot of DIYs in there too!) some stuff from Ikea is so practical but so ugly. There’s no reason it has to stay that way. These 16 hacks will show you how to ‘revamp’ your furniture. These ideas make me want to hit the thrift stores and garage sales to find more things from Ikea! They are fabulous and I would rank many at an easy skill level. Hooray for me! I’m not even going to pick a favorite. They are grand! Here are 22 other insanely clever ways to repurpose old furniture; there is no excuse to be throwing things away! Sop it! DIY Network knows what’s up. Find all 22 idea here. See all 16 Ikea hacks here… Diply: 16 Ikea Hacks That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Old Furniture

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