Build An Outdoor Cob Oven For Just $20 1

You had me at the pizza! Be still my beating heart. I love all things bread and full of carbs! I picked up a nearly new breadmaker from one of the local thrift stores the other day and the cinnamon bread I made was to die for. The idea of making bread over an open fire sounds so amazing and living like the pioneers, if only for one meal, sounds fun. The cob oven is quick, easy, and affordable option for an outdoor oven. Mason ovens can last a little longer but they can be spendy! Ouch! There is a wonderful tutorial from Year Of Mud and I’m happy to feature it here today. It walks through the whole process. I seen these in Mexico and Arizona before but had never thought of a DIY until now. I never imagined there were this simple. I wouldn’t fire this up for just one loaf or bread or pizza because heating it to the right temp and setting it up would be a chore. But what a treat it would be for a party or bbq. Here is another style DIY pizza oven from Home And Garden. Clever! Find The Year Of Mud’s full article here… The Year Of Mud: Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven For Bread And Pizza

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