Build Your Own Cedar Smokehouse 1

There isn’t a wrong way to build a smokehouse. If you look online, you will find an ‘umteen’ number of plans and prototypes. The problem with all of those plans is that they don’t always have a lot of specs. I need detailed instructions people! I really like this smokehouse from Smoking Meat Forums. It shows picture progress and a really helpful discussion board. This might be a project for this fall. There are so many things on that list but if my husband has anything to say about it this might go to the top of the list. I’ll keep you posted We have a Cabela’s smoker that is pretty sweet. This would be even sweeter! Cedar planked salmon? Yum! Brisket? Mesquite smoked prime rib? Turkey? All these and more are delicious when smoked! A root cellar is another way to preserve food. Here is a nice one to check out… Find Smoking Meat Forums’s full article here… Smoking Meat Forums: How To Build A Cedar Smokehouse

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