Chef Tip: Baking Cake In A Jar 1

This is going to be the simplest recipe you have seen in a while! What do you get when you combine a little fruit, some sugar and flour, a tidge salt, and a pad of butter? A lot of flavor! Mixing all of those together in a canning jar (a.k.a. mason jar) and baking them for an hour at 350 is going to be the most amazing treat! Oh. and don’t forget the whipped cream! I love individual desserts and mason jars are perfect for them. They are perfect for portion control and easy to travel with. I love taking them to picnics. Another reason I love them is that they can be personalized. Don’t like blueberries? No problem! Allergic to strawberries? No worries Mate! Another one of my favorite jar recipes is from Allrecipes and it makes the perfect gift. Check out the cookie mix in a jar here… Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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