Creative and Easy DIY Crafts Using Balloons 1

I looked online and 144 normal sized balloons sell for around 9 bucks. That is a lot of potential DIYs or birthday party favors. If I had to pick, I’d go DIY every time! There are so many fun things you can do with balloons and Stylish Eve has gathered up just a few for us to check out. Wax luminaries are creative and beautiful and tiny chocolate bowls are such a yummy idea! I think using different colored chocolate and wax would be cool too. Those two are my favorite but there are so many to try! Find the DIYs here… StylishEve – Creative, Easy DIY Crafts Using Balloons Image Credit: More balloon craft ideas… Balloons are great for children’s parties, but there are also plenty of ways to make them even better. This guide will look at some unique balloon craft ideas which are easy to use. Things you can do with Balloons: – Attach tinsel or sparkly thread – Give Vases a makeover – As a Surprise – Ice Packs – As a mini drum kit Attach Tinsel or Sparkly Thread Blow up balloons as normal but instead of just attaching a plain ribbon or a string, you can use almost anything. Use some lace for a vintage classical theme, or some tinsel for a much more modern look. Even streamers can be attached to make balloons look more eye catching. Give Vases a Makeover If you have a fairly small vase that you want to make look completely different, then a balloon might be ideal. Simply cut about 1/2 an inch off the neck of the balloon. Then stretch the balloon over the glass vase starting at the bottom. Continue stretching and push the neck into the vase. This will keep your flowers organized and make sure they stand up straight. As a Surprise Balloons are quite large and bulky which can make it difficult to conceal them. Fill some balloons with helium gas so that they float. Make sure you tie weights onto the balloons otherwise they will fly away. Then pack them inside a box. When the lucky recipient opens the box, the balloons will float up. You could even attach messages to the strings of the balloons for a romantic touch. Ice Packs Fill some water balloons up with water and put them in the freezer. These can be packed around bottles of alcohol to keep drinks cool at parties. Once they have thawed, you can then put them into the freezer again. As a mini drum kit Balloons make perfect drum skins which can keep kids entertained for hours. Simply find a small container such as a tin or a jar. Then stretch the balloon over it and secure in place using string. Your kids can go wild with these because they don’t make that much noise.

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