Creative Candle Decor Ideas To Enjoy This Spring 1

Candles provide a great method for decorating any time of the year. They are great for cold winter nights and spas in the tub, but they are also a lot more useful too. You can even rely on them in a power outage. We’ve collected several ideas on how you can incorporate candles into your spring decorating. There are several ways to make candle containers such as using items found in nature or even fruit such as apples. You can cut out a cylinder on the top of an apple and insert a tealight candle to create a beautiful table setting. Try wrapping the apples with twine to add a country twist. Another creative technique is to press petals into candles to create a beautiful floral centerpiece. There are so many things you can do with candles and crafts, the limit is endless! Go here to see all 18 candle decor ideas… Diply: Spring Into The New Season With These 18 DIY Candle Decor Projects

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