Creative DIY Pallet Storage Ideas 1

A pallet is a boring bunch of boards, strapped together and normally used for shipping. Lucky for us that their uses go way beyond shipping and freight. To borrow from a favorite movie, they go “to infinity and beyond!” If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest I bet you’ve seen some of the rather brilliant ideas floating about. The only difficult thing with pallets is deciding what to do with them. Coffee table, headboard, planter, magazine rack…which project to make? This roundup has some practical ways that pallets can be repurposed for storage and I am quite keen on them. The DIY wine rack is a must have for everyone 21 and over. And the closet? Talk about love! It’s not for the shopaholic but it is cute. The pallet bed frame with the storage underneath would be perfect for a small apartment. Check out these other pallet storage ideas from Design Rulz… Find all 20 ideas from Architecture Art Designs here… Architecture Art Designs: 20 Extremely Genius DIY Pallet Storage Design Ideas

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