Creative DIY Ways To Repurpose An Old Piano 1

Do you have an old piano lying around that is just collecting dust? If so you are in luck, because whether you are aware or not there are actually so many ways you can repurpose an old piano. Repurposed pianos can make interesting pieces of art and furniture. The wood is usually of high quality as well as the gorgeous ivory keys. You can transform an old piano into so many things such as a bookshelf, lounge, planter and more. All it takes is a little imagination and the willingness to roll up your sleeves! One of my favorite ideas in the link below is the piano bar. Once you take a look you will see what I mean – it is gorgeous! The possibilities are endless on the types of art and furniture you can form from an old piano. Time to get searching for an old piano to get your own hands on! See all 19 creative piano projects here… Diply: 19 Inventive DIY Ways To Repurpose Your Old Piano

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