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Cuddle Couch 1

Check out this awesome “cuddle” couch! It’s actually a home theater chair but I would love to have this in just about any room of my house. Perhaps your family room is not quite big enough for a love seat sofa but maybe this over sized “chair” would be the perfect solution? Love it! This is a product offered by Stargate Cinema and they even offer free shipping which is very rare with pieces this large. See all the specs at their website here: Stargate Cinema: Cuddle Couch There are plenty of different types and styles of furniture that you can choose to incorporate in your home. Romantic furniture designs are ideally suited to the bedroom, although some of the styles can be used elsewhere in other rooms. Popular romantic furniture designs: – Fairytale themes – Retro Car Furniture – Boat Beds – Hug Chair – Rocking Chair Love Seats Fairytale Every girl pretended that they were in a fairy tail when they were younger. Bring part of this desire to life. Woodland creatures can be applied to the walls, and trees cut out of wood can be fixed to the corners of the bed. The fairytale theme is one of the most interesting themes because it can mean so many different things for different people. Retro Car Furniture Retro car furniture is made from or inspired by vintage cars. These are finished in original car colors and can look beautiful while being comfortable and practical. Boat Beds Boating is very romantic, so why not have a bed built as a boat. This is very easy to do yourself, as you either need to build a shell of a boat yourself, or buy one second hand. Hug Chair The hug chair was designed by Ilian Milinov. It is designed as a way to get close to your loved one and hug, without any discomfort. Instead of sitting on each others lap, the chair takes all the weight, and you can still get a nice hug. Rocking Chair Love Seats Rocking chair love seats are unique pieces of furniture which allow you to rock in tandem while being able to gaze into each others eyes. These are officially called Tete-a-Tete chairs and are designed by Chole de la Chaise. The decor of your home should display some of your personality and so needs to be unique depending on your own attitudes. Choose the best types of furniture to fit in with your decor. Additional Resources: Looking for more amazing couches? Don’t miss this article by HOUZZ and also this one from freshome.

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