Cute Owl Cake Recipe 1

So excited to share this cute cake I discovered over at Better Homes and Gardens! Head over to their website to grab the complete recipe and instructions on how to make this adorable owl cake pictured above. My son turns 5 in July… I wonder if I can get away with making one of these instead of a Lego cake? Probably not LOL. So, I’ll just have to come up with another good excuse. Here’s the link to Better Homes And Garden’s full article: BHG – Cute Owl Cake The highlight of any child’s birthday party is the cake. These fun cake ideas can make your child’s party much more memorable. It’s even possible to customise the cakes and to choose a design that fits in with their hobbies and achievements. Read this guide to learn about some of the best ideas people have had for fun birthday cakes. Lego Everybody loves Lego at a certain age, so making a Lego cake is a great idea. The best way to do this is to fashion some building blocks from cake and perhaps even stack them. Each can be a different color and will look just like the real thing. To make the Lego cake, you will need: – Basic Rectangular cakes – homemade or store bought – Fondant – Food Coloring – Frosting Start by preparing the number of bricks you want to have in your cake, each as a separate cake. Stack these in the design that you want, and then work out how many nipples you will need on top. Remember, the bricks won’t really need to click together like real Lego bricks, so if it’s not seen, then you don’t need to include it. Cut small round discs out of some thick fondant by using a cookie cutter. Then fix these onto the cake with a small amount of frosting. Once you are happy with the bricks, it’s time to get frosting. Use food coloring to mix up three (or more) traditional Lego colors. Then create a batch of each in frosting. Then it’s just a matter of carefully applying the frosting to the outside of the cake. Fish Tank Cake Another popular favorite is a fish tank cake. This is very simple to make and anyone should be able to bake one themselves. You could even use a store bought cake if you find this easier, and then just decorate it yourself at home. To make the fish tank cake, you will need: – Rectangular cake – Frosting – Jello – Sugar Cookies Start by baking some sugar cookies to your favorite recipe, make sure these are shaped like fish, or other things that you would find in a fish tank. Fish shaped cookie cutters will make this task much easier. While your cookies are cooling, set to work making the tank. A rectangular cake can be used. Black frosting can be applied around the edges of the tank to create the frame, and blue frosting can be added to the sides to create the water. Mash up some blue jello and put this on top of the cake for a watery effect. Then all that’s left to do is decorate the fish cookies using more frosting. These can be fixed onto the cake using a small dab of frosting to secure them. Basketball cake Another very simple cake that looks amazing is a basketball cake. To make this cake you will need: – Reese’s Pieces – Round cake – either homemade or storebought – Frosting If you are baking your own round cake, then make sure you leave it to cool completely before decorating. If using a store bought cake, then remove all of the packaging. Spread frosting over all of the cake and while it is still wet, stick the Reese’s pieces into the frosting. Use the different colors to create a basketball design on the cake. Making this cake is easy but will take quite some time, children could help to put the pieces of candy onto the cake for you. Additional Resources: Looking for more cute cake ideas? Don’t miss this roundup by Buzzfeed and also these other ones at BHG.

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