Delicious 3 Minute Meringues 1

What is a meringue? Most people think it’s a topping for pies like ‘lemon meringue.’ They aren’t wrong but that is only one kind of meringue. There are also bakes versions.These baked treats are supposed to be hard outside and smooth inside. Think of a cloud. Now think of meringue. If done right, the meringue should melt in your mouth like a cloud. These sweets are made from egg whites and sugar. Easy, right? Wrong! They can be a little temperamental to master. I have failed so many times but here is a microwavable way to make them and I am curious to try it. You need the same ingredients but instead of whisking you will be kneading. Wouldn’t it be great to have delicious airy cookies in only 3 minutes?! I might separate the egg whites differently but other than…it looks fun! Looking for more meringue ideas? Check out these cookies from the Food Network here… Here is the awesome video…Enjoy!

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