Crochet Work - Chapter IX - Encyclopedia of Needlework, Crochet Patterns, Stitches, Crochet Lace PatternsKnitting is seen as a peaceful and distracting work of many women. There are many different models and techniques for this action that most people see as hobbies. Many different models can be made with sweets and crochet and these products can be used. Knitting does not only benefit from the use of products. Besides this, knitting has positive effects on the psychology of the person. Many different technical knitting processes are applied. It is possible to obtain quality products with rope, swollen and crochet. Two spits can be used with a color knit cord set for the initial stage. The rope finger is beautifully concealed and is held with the help of rope finger. The thumb is passed through the rope and the bottles are brought side by side. The inside is taken over the rope and the ropes that are slowly fastened are brought to light. It is then ensured that the bottle is wrapped by means of a spit. This is a very rapid progress.