DIY Dog Sweater 1

This made me laugh; it is just too cute! My dogs would HATE it but I would still try to make them wear it long enough to take a few pictures. Oprah was on Late Night the other night and said that the best gift she has gotten so far this year has been sweaters for her dogs. It is the perfect gift when you don’t know what to give someone. Gift their pet; it’s more personal than a gift card! I think she is right and so do the folks at Voknits. Now you have a whole new reason to go to the thrift store. Find a sweater for your ‘ugly sweater party’ and find one for you puppy. Or cat if you have a death wish. I love that there is just a little bit of sewing required for this! You need some scissors and a sweater. Here are some other ways to make your pup fashionable… Find the Voknits’ full article here… Voknits: Recycled Dog Sweater

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