DIY Family Photo Luminary 1

I am so excited to feature this wonderful project from the Our Best Bites blog! You’ll learn how to make these heart melting family photo luminaries following their tutorial. Love this project! You don’t have to do family photos if you don’t want to either… use whatever images you like! Here’s the link to the full tutorial at Our Best Bites: OurBestBites: Glowing Photos Luminary Tutorial Digital cameras have made it easier than ever to take photographs. The problem is that nobody bothers printing them out anymore. Why not try these great family photo craft ideas so that you can enjoy your photography once again. By following this guide you can create a unique and interesting photo lamp which can be used as a centre piece for your table. Materials and Equipment Required – Vellum – Glass Jars – Photo Printer – Double sided tape Step 1 – Choosing Photos The first thing you will need to do is choose photos to use as the photo lamps. The photos don’t need to be printed out too big, so even low resolution photos will be suitable. The best types of photos that work best are horizontal photographs. This will make it much easier to wrap around the lamp. Try to choose interesting and memorable photos that mean something. If you are designing a centre piece for the holiday season then you could choose photos from last years celebrations, or important events in the previous year. Step 2 – Choosing Jars The next thing you will need to do is select some jars to create the lamp. The best types of jars are round as this will make it much easier to attach the photographs to. You will probably already have plenty of jars lying around the house. As these are normally temporary displays, you can use anything. Step 3 – Printing Photos Once you know the size of the jars you are using you can start deciding on the size of the printed photos. The height can be taller than the glass jar, but the photo should wrap around the circumference of the jar for the best effect. The photos should be printed on vellum which can be bought online, or at drawing supply stores. This is a type of paper which allows light to shine through. Almost all inkjet printers should be able to print onto vellum, although you might need to experiment with the settings to get the very best results. Try out a few test prints first until you are completely happy with the printed photographs. Step 4 – Fixing the Photos in Place Once your photos are printed you will need to leave them to dry for quite some time. When dry, use double sided tape on the jars to fix the edge of the photo to, and then wrap the photo around, securing it at the other end. A piece of decorative edging can be used to hide the join and make the photo lamps look much more professional. This can be attached over the join using double sided tape or glue. Step 5 – Lighting In the daytime, these lamps can be enjoyed by simply putting them close to a window. At night they can be brought to life by putting some candles inside the glass jars. This works best if the candles are quite low down, so tealights work perfectly for this. The flickering light will create a very nice centre piece for your evening meal. Photo lamps are just one of the many ways you can get your photos off your memory stick and start enjoying them again. These family photo craft ideas can allow everyone to enjoy your favorite snaps. Additional Resources: Looking for more luminary ideas? Don’t miss this article by hey gorgeous and this one from architecture art designs.

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