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DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table | DIY Furniture 1

This blog post caught my eye immediately because we bought a nice farmhouse/pedestal table almost just like this for $1,000 and thought we got a GREAT deal. Well, building it ourselves for $125, now that would have been an amazing good deal! This blog post really makes it seem like you could actually do this project if you just have the right tools and a little bit of gumption. Great guide. Gwen @ “Oh wow. I am so totally impressed!!! This turned out great!” See the step by step and tons of great photos right here at Shanty-2-Chic: Shanty-2-Chic: DIY Dining Table Dining tables can be very expensive, especially if you have to seat a large number of people. This guide will show you how to build a farmhouse table by yourself. This makes it possible to build a table large enough for your family. Although the cost of building the table is very low, the actual finished table looks like something you would buy from a furniture store. Materials and Equipment Required: To complete this farmhouse table project, you will need: – Timber – Wood Glue – Tape Measure – Engineers square – Nail Gun – Sander – Drill – Circular Saw – Miter Saw – Spirit level Step 1 – Deciding on your Design The first thing that you will need to do is decide on the design of table that you want to build. There are a few different plans available online, but these can be customised depending on the size of table you need. You can put either two or three legs on the table depending on the required length. Step 2 – Making the Legs The legs look very beautiful, but are actually extremely simple to make. The basic structure is made from four bits of timber. Sandwich two smaller pieces in between full length pieces to create a small pocket. Use wood glue to secure in place and use clamps to hold everything still until the glue dries. Repeat twice more so that you have three columns. After the actual column of the leg has dried you can then attach the top and bottom of the leg. This should be glued and screwed in place. Then corner detail can be added to the legs. Feet can be added to the bottom of the legs if you wish. This will be helpful if your floors are uneven as it will make leveling easier. Step 3 – Connecting the Legs Hopefully by now you have three legs which are all the same height, all with a small pocket in the middle. Push the stretcher bar through the pockets and make sure that the legs all stand up together. Now is the time to make adjustments if required. Step 4 – Making the Top Now it comes to making the top of your table. This is very easy, although may be slightly time consuming. It’s worth knocking up a simple jig which will keep the table top square and even. A frame is made from timber, and then slats are fixed onto this frame. Step 5 – Fixing the Top on the Table Then it’s a matter of fixing the table top onto the legs. Turn the whole thing upside down. Then using glue and screws, secure everything together. Make sure you drill holes to prevent any splits in the wood. Step 6 – Finishing Touches Any holes should be filled with a good quality wood filler. When dry sand the surface of the table down. The table can then be finished using varnish, oil or whatever finish you like the look of. This rustic farmhouse table is highly practical, easy to build and very cheap. It costs a fraction of what you would pay in a store and looks just as good. The same techniques can also be applied on a smaller scale to build a bench for people to sit on when eating at the table. Additional Resources: Looking for more DIY table ideas? Don’t miss this article by topDreamer and also this article by the shabby creek cottage.

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