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I found an awesome round up of 112 awesome DIY gift ideas. Not lame ideas you’d be embarrassed to give but truly unique and fun ideas you can be proud of! Head over to Natural Living Ideas to get the whole list of projects with direct links to every tutorial. Here’s the link to Natural Living Ideas’ full article: Natural Living Ideas: 112 Incredible DIY Gift Ideas Knowing what to give someone as a present can be a real challenge. Knowing how much you should spend, and what type of gifts they would like can be very difficult. One solution to all of these problems is to make gifts yourself. It’s the thought that really counts anyway, and these DIY gifts are lovely. Most people would prefer to receive a gift from the heart that you’ve made yourself, rather than a gift from a shop. DIY Wine Glasses Wine glasses can get pretty expensive, but you can make some of your own for very little. These are made using glass jars and so you can have a lot of fun with them. The jar also means that it’s very difficult to accidentally spill any wine from the glass. Materials Needed: – Glass Jar – must have a flat bottom – Cheap candlesticks – most dollar stores will have some – Emery Paper – Epoxy resin Any jar will do, just as long as it has a flat bottom. Start by using the emery paper to roughen up the top of the candlesticks and the bottom of the glass. This will allow the epoxy resin to get a better grip and hold them together firmly. When there is a generous layer of epoxy resin on the candlestick, press the glass onto the top of the candlestick. Depending on the type of epoxy you chose, you may have to wait a few hours for it to dry before touching them. It’s a good idea to leave them upside down to completely dry before giving them away as gifts or testing them out. Soda Can Coasters These are ideal for anyone who is a fan of a particular brand of soda. It’s very simple to make your own coasters and they look very professional. Materials Needed: – Drinks can of choice – Tin Snips – White Tiles – Silicone adhesive – Felt Pads When you have an empty drinks can you should then wash it out with water to make sure there’s no sticky residue left inside. Then a pair of tin snips can be used to carefully cut around the top and bottom of the can. This can be a bit tricky and as the can is so sharp it pays to be very careful and take your time. It might be better if you wear some protective gloves to keep your hands safe. With the strip of can cut out, cut carefully down the middle and cut a square out which contains the whole logo and looks the right size for your coaster. Put it on a flat surface and press down to try and flatten it out a bit. Then apply silicone adhesive to the back and stick it onto your white tiles. A finishing touch can be to add felt pads to the back of the tile to ensure that they don’t scratch tables. DIY Bubble Bath If you know the person you are giving the gift to loves a good soak in the bath then you might like to give them some DIY bubble bath. This is very easy to make and shouldn’t take you long at all. Materials Needed: – Water – Salt – Lavender – Essential Oils – Dish soap – Glycerin Simply mix 2/3 of a cup of glycerin with a cup of dish soap, 15 or so drops of an essential oil, some dried lavender, 2 tea spoons of salt and 4 table spoons of water. Make sure the dish soap you choose is un-perfumed as you are adding your own smells anyway. When mixed together it can then be poured into a pretty looking glass bottle as a gift. Hopefully these DIY gift ideas have given you some inspiration of the kinds of things that you could give to loved ones during the holiday season. You really don’t need to spend a fortune on an expensive gifts, when you can make presents as good as these. Additional Resources: Looking for more DIY gift ideas? Don’t miss this article by Listotic and also this one by A Beautiful Mess.

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