DIY Hydroelectric Power 1

Mankind’s resourcefulness constantly amazes me! Jon Sanfilippo and Stephan Lancaster, of Oregon State University, were studying hydraulics and sediment transport in the Porter Creek Project area, on the Oregon coast, when they discovered a problem. They found that they were spending too much time recharging their batteries and fighting with generators and not enough time with the science! They remedied that problem by creating a pico-hydro generator. A pico-hydro generator is another terms for a hydroelectric power generator that produces under 5kw of power. They are rarely fed into the power grid but are useful in supplying power to remote locations and small populations with few power needs. They are perfect for projects like this! Especially, if the area you are in is cloudy (like this coastal region). Some of Jon and Stephen’s instrumentations drained batteries every 2 weeks so this was perfect. Way to be a part of the solution and not the problem! has a DIY generator that is an ingenious way to create your own power too! Find it here… Find the video here…Enjoy!

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