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DIY Mason Jar Lights Tutorial 1

There are so many pretty light ideas on pinterest and I have posted several ideas on this blog too, but one of the things that has been missing is a truly step by step guide to making them. That was until now! This is the best tutorial on how to make mason jar lights I have seen. Making them sounds easy enough but this guide will really help you. Here’s the link to In.Gredients’ full article: In.Gredients: Mason Jar Light Tutorial DIY Mason Jar lights are some of the most unique lamp shades that you can make yourself. They are also surprisingly simple to make. What’s more you probably already have almost all of the equipment and materials required to complete the project. To make DIY Mason Jar Lights you will need: – Mason Jar – Screwdriver – Nail – Hammer – Pen/Pencil – Light Fitting – Light bulb Step 1 – Choosing a Suitable Jar The first thing you will need to do before you can do anything else is to choose a suitable jar. This will need to be big enough to accommodate the light bulb, make sure that this is the case before proceeding, otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of time. Step 2 – Draw Around the Light Fitting Take the ring off the light fitting and put it on top of the jar lid in the middle. Use a pen or a soft pencil to trace around the light fitting so that you can see where it will be positioned. Make sure this is accurate, otherwise the light fitting will not be secured properly. Step 3 – Cutting out the Center Use a nail and a hammer to put holes around the edge of the line you drew in step 2. Try to get the holes as close together as possible since this will make it easier to remove the middle. With the holes in place, use a screwdriver and hammer to start knocking out the middle. This shouldn’t take long, but you will eventually come to a point when you can’t tap the metal out any more. Use some gloves to protect your hands and flex out the disk in the center. Alternatively you can cut this out using sharp scissors or tin snips. Step 4 – Add Air Holes If you’re using a traditional light bulb then they can get quite hot. To stop anything overheating it’s important to punch some extra holes into the lid of the jar. Use the nail to punch holes around the outside of the lid of the jar. Do this carefully to try and avoid damaging the hole you already cut out. Step 5 – Assembling the Lamp Once you have done this, it’s just a matter of assembling the lamp. This is very easy and shouldn’t take very long. Push the light fitting through the hole in the lid. Then screw the ring over the top of the other side of the lid. This should sandwich the lid in between and keep everything in place. Then a light bulb can be installed by twisting it into the fitting. When this is done the glass jar can be replaced over the top of the bulb. Twist the jar in place to secure it. Step 6 – Fitting The finished lamps can then be installed anywhere you have a normal lampshade. They can be used on ceiling mounted or wall mounted lights. Other Ideas As well as just using jars to create individual lights in a room, they can also be used with different types of bulbs. It’s possible to string a series of jar lamps together to create unique looking Christmas lighting. When the right types of bulb are used they are suitable for outdoor use, and don’t always require the ventilation holes. Additional Resources: Looking for more mason jar ideas? Don’t miss this article by hometalk and also this video by YouTube- TheSorryGirls.

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