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DIY Patchwork Sofa 1

I have seen a lot of these sofas floating around the world wide web lately on pinterest and facebook so I started digging around to see if I could find a good DIY tutorial. I actually could not find any DIY project tutorials on specifically how to do a patchwork re-upholstery of a sofa! If you find one, please send me the link. What I discovered though is that these couches are actually being sold for thousands of dollars at several high end boutique stores. So, here’s the work around… you just need to understand the basics of how to re-upholster furniture in general. Then with some basic sewing skills you can patchwork together your fabric first, then begin the re-upholster process. Here’s some great resources to help you understand the re-upholster process. First, take a look here and here. Good guides for beginners. I also found this guide on doing a patchwork chair which you can use as a model for a larger project like a sofa. I also found some great videos at the Modern Homemakers blog. Here’s the first video in her series below… (Here’s the link to parts 2-6 as well)

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