DIY Planter Box That Is Just The Right Height 1

DIY garden planter tutorials are a dime a dozen. There are so many great ones floating around out there in cyberspace but I want this one! The difference between this planter and all the rest is that it is raised. It’s waist high. Say goodbye to aching backs forever! The box is made from cedar (love) and the frame from pine. The box is removable so if you decided you don’t want the frame anymore it’s easy to get rid of it. Cedar is great with water and withstanding damage, making it the perfect planter box material. You could coat or line it somehow but I’m not sure how that would affect drainage. MidnightMaker has created the most fabulous tutorial. Featured at Instructables, it tells us everything we need to make our own. All the materials, equipment, and steps with pictures are included. This particular planter is 12 cubic feet and holds 200 pounds. Sweet! I love bright colors so I would paint my finished box blue or red. Like bright teal blue or fire truck red! Sunset has another type of raised bed. (I told you there were a lot of them!) Find it here. Get the full tutorial from Instructables… Instructables: Waist High Planter Box

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