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DIY Raised Garden Beds With Cinder Blocks 1

I just stumbled on this great blog and one of their posts on creating raised garden beds with cinder blocks. The couple over at Retro Ranch Revamp definitely named their story appropriately – “Aching Back, Garden Attack!” Just looking at the photos made my own back hurt. Looking at all the bushes removed, earth dug up and cinder blocks hauled in. Makes me wonder if there is an easier way for us lazy people LOL. But one thing is for sure, this raised bed will last. No termites or carpenter ants will be whittling away making short work of a more natural wooden barrier. If you are considering raised beds, the “aching back” method be just what you are looking for! Great blog post… check it out here… Retro Ranch Revamp: Aching Back Raised Beds {Image Source}

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