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DIY Secret Room Pivot Bookcase 1

Who doesn’t want their very own secret room?! I have dreamed of having one ever since I was a child. I can remember going on new home tours when I was really young and being amazed by the big mansions with secret hideaways. I very clearly remember one home had a loft above the master bedroom but no one could figure out how to get to it. Everyone was stumped and I was determined to figure out the secret LOL. I remember looking for the secret switch somewhere that would open up a hidden door. Never found it. But, now that I am older, the dream still lives. I found this amazing series of photos that walks you through from start to finish the building of a hidden room bookcase. I know I don’t have these kind of carpentry skills, but it’s still fun to read and dream! Here’s the link… Gary Katz Online: Hidden Pivot Bookcase Installation

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