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DIY Spray Paint Laminate Countertops 1

The house we just moved into a few months ago has some pretty cheap laminate counter tops that are actually already starting to chip away in high use areas. Our dream is to get nice brand new granite counters installed but we’ll definitely need to budget for this. If it takes a year to save up the few thousand dollars we’ll need to update the kitchen… what do we do in the mean time? Well, I stumbled on this idea and at first totally dismissed it because I thought it would be “tacky” LOL. But then I really thought about it and realized it would actually be much better than what we currently have… old, chipped and peeling laminate. Anyways, thought you might enjoy this guide if you are in a similar situation to me. Here’s the link to the blog post… My Love Of Home: Those Tired Countertops {Image Credit}

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