Don’t Rip Out That Old Shed. Look At These Amazing Transformations. Wow! 1

How many of you have an old shed wasting away? Shame on you! There are so many better things you could be doing with it. Better things like turning it into a pub! Pub sheds are fast becoming a ‘thing.’ They are a definitely a growing trend that I can get on board with. OMG! These are great. It’s about time there was a playhouse for adults. Why should kids get all the fun? A ‘Shub,’ (my abbreviation for shed pub) would make a great man cave too. I don’t think anyone would mind being in ‘the dog house’ if it looked anything like one of these! After seeing these you will be inspired! Clear out the cobwebs and buy a jukebox. Don’t forget to drop my invitation in the mail for the grand opening! I am so going to do this! I can have happy hour every hour, hehe. Don’t despair if there isn’t room for a shed in your life. You can build a bar in your house! Learn all about it here. See all the amazing makeovers here… Little Things: Old Sheds Transformed Into Something Incredible (photos)

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