Armchair Slipcover Tutorial by Sew Country Chick: fashion sewing and DIY: : WaverizeAmong the most common items in the house are undoubtedly the armchairs. Seats are used by many people every day. Particularly crowded families’ seats are very damaged. Seats in newborn or small-age households become very dirty or worn out due to the time. In addition, people who have friends such as cats or dogs in their home can be exposed to damage such as rakes or tears in their seats. Even if there are no children or cat dogs at home, it is possible to drink accidentally or accidentally tear or burn. For this reason, it is very important to protect the seats. But covering up the seats with a thousand enthusiasm is something most people will not want. These slipcovers can be purchased from the outside as well as easily sewn at home, like the example in the source page.