Emergency ‘Metal Can’ Lighting and Air Heater 1

Brrrrr! Sooo cold! It’s 30 degrees out right now and the low tonight is supposed to be 2. Eeeek! I’ve come to deal with the disappointment of not living in a tropical climate by making my house a cozy warm paradise. My husband isn’t the biggest fan of our heating bill but ‘happy wife, happy life.’ Lol! It’s important to be prepared for emergencies when the temp outside is freezing. It’s amazing how fast a normal situation can turn hazardous. A heater or two like this would be a good to have on hand. It’s always recommended to have survival kit in your car when the weather is hostile. You should have some water, fire starters, a shovel, a few blankets, and a handful or MRE’s (meals ready to eat). A DIY heater should be in your kit too! One of these would be good to have in case of a power outage. These should only be used for a short term fix. Here are some more ideas on how to stay warm from Distractify that are really helpful. Find them here… Find the video here..Enjoy

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